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Millian Group has the expertise and access to the financial resources that promise to make every financing a superior borrowing experience from initial contact through the life of the loan.

Everything you need for residential mortgage financing can be handled by Millian Group partners and subsidiaries:

  • Serve residential mortgage intermediaries and borrowers of all sizes.
  • Commit capital from multiple capital sources to provide the right financing for you.
  • Service all loans types with pre-approval letters upon meeting our pre-qualification requirements
  • Provide the advice, service and expertise needed to complete complex mortgage transactions.

We seek to create Enduring Relationships with one relationship you always know whom to call.

We offer Superior Products you get access to a comprehensive line of real estate financing.

We handle a wide variety of loan types:

  • Fixed & Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans
    Millian Group and its partners offer a wide range of Fixed Rate and ARM programs at very competitive rates to help you finance the home of your dreams.
  • Vacant Lot Loan
    Instead of buying a house, maybe you would rather find the ideal spot to build your dream home. A Vacant Lot loan from Millian Group provides the opportunity to do just that.
  • Second Mortgage
    If you are thinking about borrowing money, your home might be the right place to start. A Second Mortgage from Millian Group lets you tap the equity in your home to secure a fixed-rate loan to use as you wish.

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