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Investment Services

Millian Group provides a broad array of real estate investment advisory and management services to private investors, including U.S. investors as well as international investors.

Our services include investments in direct residential and commercial real estate, public market investments (primarily through REIT stocks and commercial mortgage-backed securities), and property management and leasing services.

Investment property brokerage requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of changing market trends, rental rates and property operating expenses. Utilizing advanced investment analysis techniques, Millian Group carefully determines the value of each property. The company's comprehensive service coordinates all phases of each transaction in liaison with lenders, appraisers, attorneys, title companies, and property managers.

Millian Group provides a managed, reliable, sophisticated and consistent approach to structuring and marketing investment property transactions for both buyers and sellers. Investment specialists throughout the Millian Group network provide buyers with local, regional national and international exposure to investment opportunities.

For sellers, Investment Services provides the ability to quickly market the asset and ensure maximum realization of value for both buyers and sellers. Our professionals bring quality information, including a sophisticated interpretation of market trends and a sound basis for substantiating the value of investment properties.

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