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Commercial Real Estate

The sale, letting, leasing, renting or purchase of a commercial property or business requires a high degree of technical knowledge and access to specialized marketing. The success or failure of a business could depend on the choice of the right property in the best location. Our exclusively developed intranet system for the associates and partners of Millian Group allows us to conduct a complete and thorough research of the market of your choice. Besides, you are able to use a part of our systematic analysis by following the links provided on our website. Please be aware that most of the links connect you to the outside parties and, thus, upon finding of the property of interest please contact us to obtain further information and if suitable start a negotiation process. Please note that you will have direct access to the Buyer/Agent or Seller/Agent information including their contact information. Nevertheless, the listed agencies represent the best interests of either Sellers or Buyers and not yours. At Millian Group, we are honored to represent YOUR best interests as our client with loyalty, obedience, full disclosure, accountability, performance, notice, and due care. 

We recognize that after your initial independent research you will require the services of an agent who will represent your best interests with the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure a successful transaction. Our members of the Millian Group who handle commercial property and businesses have the necessary skills to assist you achieve your aims.

Whether you are looking to sell or buy a commercial property, arrange the leasing of a property or buy or sell a business then there is a member of the Millian Group who can help. In addition to having the necessary skill, knowledge and experience to assist, our members have full access to the marketing, MLS, FMLS, national and international database computerized systems especially aimed at serving the business community. Millian Group agents are subject to a Code of Practice which aims at ensuring that the service they offer is of the highest professional standard.


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