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Appraisal Services

Millian Group partners with widely-known residential appraisal firms providing appraisals throughout the national marker as well as internationally.

We service various types of clients-- whether you are lender, attorney, or a homeowner, we can provide high-quality real estate appraisals with a fast turn around time.

Our specialists have access to online research databases and access to the largest real estate library in the world. If your appraisal assignment requires extensive research, we have the tools to properly get the work done. We also are members of several appraisal related forums on the Internet. We regularly converse with literally hundreds of other appraisers on the Internet and these peers are an extremely valuable source of information.

We are ethical. Our profession is regulated by a number of different state and federal laws. We comply with those laws and are no longer surprised when we find evidence of other appraisers blatantly violating our industry standards. It is becoming all too common for some appraisers to provide appraisals that over value a house simply to help out a mortgage company with providing a higher loan amount for a homeowner. It is not until that homeowner eventually needs to sell their house that they realize that they have borrowed too much money because of an inflated appraisal. If you want a reliable opinion of value developed by an ethical appraiser then we are the ones to call.

We use all the latest in appraisal technologies- the latest form filling software, sketching programs, online databases, digital cameras, imaging software, and advanced delivery methods. This allows us to process your appraisal order as quickly as possible and reduces the chance for errors.

Perhaps you need a real estate appraisal but are unfamiliar with the process. We can assist you all the way. We will explain the entire process, explain our fee structure, and answer all of your questions. Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.GROUP.16

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