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Who We Are

At Millian Group, our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions in commercial and residential real estate. As an international real estate services group with 119 employees in 14 offices in 11 countries, we are able to provide expert real estate advice.

Our offices serve clients desiring a complete package of real estate services, customized packages or finder's fee-based packages. In addition, Millian Group became known for representing extraordinary estates throughout the world and enjoys a spotless reputation in the USA.

Millian Group possesses knowledge of the local commercial and residential real estate market and is one of a few real estate groups that recognizes the importance of international expertise, knowledge of foreign languages, and cross-cultural differences for a successful cooperation. In 2001, we joined together commercial and residential firms in Asia, Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East to provide consistent, professional, and high-quality service on four continents.

Millian Group brokers typically handle over $100 million in annual transaction volume while serving very diverse client needs. Supported by extensive research and daily involvement in each of the continents' markets, Millian Group provides its clients with accurate and insightful information in order to make intelligent real estate decisions.

Our vision is to become world's leading real estate enterprise that guarantees uncompromised client service based on the provision of high-quality, professional, and successful individual and business solutions.


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