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1031 Starker Exchange Services

The 1031 Starker Exchange is an Internal Revenue Code that allows you to defer taxes when selling investment and business properties. Under certain guidelines you can defer the capital gains tax to substantially increase your equity to invest into replacement property. There are guidelines Millian Group will help you adhere to including the basic times frames beginning with the closing of the property you are selling of 45 days to identify replacement property, and 180 days to close on a like-kind property.
Millian Group can help you utilize this code to reach many objectives. This proven tax strategy can be used to:

  • Increase returns and leverage by trading from one to several replacement properties
  • Investment diversification by trading for different property types & locations
  • Freedom from joint ownership by trading into separate properties
  • Geographic relocation, or consolidation by trading to different state or area
  • Decrease management responsibilities by exchanging into less management intensive properties
  • Increase cash flow & wealth building by trading from high equity-low cash flow property to high leverage-high cash flow properties.

Millian Group are here to provide you with additional detailed information on the Starker 1031 exchange process. Contact us if you have a question, or if you're ready to take advantage of the exchange process at 1.800.GROUP16.

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