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Confidence in the World of Real Estate

Millian Group is a global partnership of independently owned commercial and residential real estate firms. Our offices serve clients desiring a complete package of real estate services, customized packages or finder's fee-based packages. In addition, Millian Group became known for representing extraordinary estates throughout the world and enjoys a spotless reputation in the USA.

Millian Group possesses knowledge of the local commercial and residential real estate market and is one of a few real estate groups that recognizes the importance of international expertise, knowledge of foreign languages, and cross-cultural differences for a successful cooperation. We joined together commercial and residential firms in Asia, Canada, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East to provide consistent, professional, and high-quality service on four continents.

Millian Group is a leading real estate enterprise that guarantees uncompromised client service based on the provision of high-quality, professional, and successful individual and business solutions.


Atlanta, April 24, 2006 MILLIAN GROUP partnered with INTERCHALLENGE, a...
23:24:58 09/07/2008
Atlanta, April 15, 2008 Alicia Rogers has joined Millian Group."Partnered...
16:25:31 04/16/2008

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